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Safety: Back-Up and Security


Safety:  Back-Up and Security

“Better a thousand times careful than once dead.”

With this package, we will set you up with the top premium WordPress security plugins out there and monitor their usefulness. We will be there for you when someone tries to brute force or hack into your site and we can send you notification when anyone logs into your site. Also, we will disguise all your critical files, as well as use an uncommon WordPress login area of your choosing. We will back up your complete site (not just database but all files) bi-weekly or more often depending on your update consistency.

Enjoy complete peace of mind and concentrate on your potential.

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We highly recommend this package and we used to not even charge for it. We lost a lot of money doing that because it takes time and effort to do this, but it is so important for your site that we had to do it. We just can’t lose any more of our money and time, so we ask that you to please purchase it and support.

A second and other critical offering that took us too much time to do for free is backup. Successful will set up bi-weekly full backups of your site and database (more often if we or you feel it is necessary) and either mail them to you (monthly) on an actual CD or put them up somewhere in the cloud where we all can get to them – just in case anything happens. Yes, our server automatically backs up your data, however, it does not keep different versions of them and it is more difficult to rebuild your site from a server back up than it is with what we offer here. With this you will have an easy way to back up any saved version of your site in roughly ten minutes.

Security – $200 Initial Setup | $125 Monthly
Backup – $100 Initial Setup | $100 Monthly

Safety Bundled – $200 Initial Setup | $175 Monthly

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