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Analytic Accomplice / A|B Experimentation


Analytic Accomplice / A|B Experimentation

“Learn analytics and people will love you. If you don’t have time to learn, hire someone.”

Successful will set you up with basic Analytics and make sure your account is running properly when you sign up with us. The Analytic Accomplice package is where you have us make sense and work with you to look over the sea of data and make actionable recommendations. We will set you up with views, reports, and the knowledge to make informed, intelligent choices to make your business even more lucrative. If we don’t already know it, we will meet with you to get to know your business, it’s idea of Success, who it clients are, and what they want. We will then customize all of it to maximize your and our efforts to get results that pay.

Make your moves intelligently based on actionable data.

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Once we have actionable data and we know what pages to apply that data to, it is time to set up the A|B testing Experiment. We will meet and agree on what we should change from the control page and then launch the test. Once we have enough traffic to the control and test pages, we’ll then review the results and make a determination if we want to run another test.

Analytics and Experimentation can provide valuable insight into your site and how your traffic is reacting to it. With the data of analytics and the action of experiment results, select this package if you want to dramatically increase your profits and conversions.

Contact Us us for pricing – Average cost is $300 for a month. We can provide a discount for a year subscription.
A|B Testing – $160 per test

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