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Successful Marketing

We can be involved in marketing projects and ongoing marketing management with you. We’re passionate about working with you with our skill, knowledge, ease and profitable ROI. Our marketing services can include marketing review and planning, working with you to implement marketing activity and social media extensions, brain storming, and implementation. We can even help you name your product. We are experienced marketers able to offer traditional and web marketing – search engine optimization, both online and print advertisement campaigns, email marketing campaigns, intelligent optimal copywriting, press releases, and branding campaigns to raise awareness.

There really are 6 essential aspects to marketing: advertisements, promotions, sales, publicity, public relations / customer service and in today’s age – testing. With each of these aspects there is a multitude of marketing executables that we can choose for your audience. We understand this and live it. Contact us. Let us know what your goals are and we will help actualize them. Work with us, believe in yourself, and achieve your goals.

We Believe That:

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

– Anonymous

“Don’t be afraid to get creative & experiment with your marketing.”

– Mike Volpe (HubSpot)

Purpose|General Concepts


Goals of Marketing

There are basic goals for online and marketing in general that we like to keep in mind. The primary goals for online marketing are: 1. Drive quality traffic to your website or destination (consider a trade show booth). Keep in mind your website online should be your main destination focus – social spots are great, but they are just part of the spoke leading to your master site. 2. Capture and qualify leads. 3. Convert those leads into customers and make sales or other conversions. 4. Support and create loyal customers which will then lead to brand evangelicals, word of mouth, or referral business from those customers. 5. Build and grow the brand, your financial success, and overall influence. Become one of the top market leaders and revenue growers in your space.

Some other general concepts to keep in mind for success: Have a plan and have clearly defined goals or objectives. Know who your audience is and develop the archetype or persona you are marketing to. In other words, create a sketch of who your audience is and market to them almost like knowing and creating a character in a book that becomes your model. Optimize for maximum conversion and then promote assertively. Always analyze your data with some sort of analytics program and then refine it again through A|B testing. Hire or be a professional.

Keep in mind the spoke and hub marketing philosophy mentioned earlier. The hub is your master site where you have control and own the content (remember that when you post content on social networks or blog partner sites you no longer own that content, they do – it’s called digital sharecropping). It is where you are in charge and where you can make the sale or get the conversion into your system. Therefore, with social networks, other blogs, forums, tribes, and media publishing outlets (the spokes), make sure to give them a taste of your offering, but link to and house the full content on your master site. If you need help creating a marketing plan or simply want some training on these various aspects, contact Successful and we will get you rolling.



Having a well designed and user focused website can be one of the most important parts in your internet marketing. This is now your business card, your company building, your store; it needs to be appealing to the user as well as easy for them to find what they want, trust, engage, and enjoy the experience. It is your destination and your success depends on it. Review our sections on website development and ecommerce for more details and remember that the website is where your customers ultimately convert and make your success as well as ours. Contact us and we will help you Succeed – this is very important.


Strategic Content

On every page, post, or blog-pretty much wherever you engage the customer, you need to have strategic content in there. The grandfather, and very much a part of all aspects of content marketing- this is where you have a goal or a conversion point that the content leads your client to pursue. The purpose of your content and that page itself is to get the user to convert. It drives all content success.

The most popular conversion point is usually a sale or product purchase. However, there can be many others. Just as valuable may be a sign up form or lead capture (where they give you their email to keep the engagement going or download a freebie), a document or white page download, contact the company directly via customer support or sales, engage in live chats or make a call, download and view a company video or podcast to the simplest and maybe not the most effective, which is a click on a link to go to the next page. The options are endless. There is a clear success principle or essence in each of these: further engagement. Keep that in mind.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is the new face of marketing and definitely the hottest tactic in the room. Many believe that it is the future, present, and most valuable aspect of your marketing system. Some would even say it has killed SEO, though we don’t believe that. It has definitely changed SEO and marketing in general.

The key concept with content marketing and one of the reasons search engines love it so much and it has been very successful is that, in its core, the marketer creates useful, relevant, and valuable content with care and love for the client. This is a friendlier marketing strategy that relies on supporting the customer and driving them to the goal with information they want and enhancing their lives. This is definitely a style of marketing that has evolved out of the social media “like” button and the concept of making friends. Read more about this and what Successful can offer on our content marketing page.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important element of website growth. At the bottom of it all it is the portion of development and maintenance that works on the problem of how to be found. SEO is very much alive and virtually all websites should consider how they can improve their search engine rankings and then take action to execute those results, be it through on-page optimization, keyword and market research and development, meta-tag implementation through deep linking, or general link maintenance. How can we succeed if we are not found? Success often begins with a full technical site audit to make sure that the search engine bots or spiders can actually easily review your site. This is followed by a content audit to make sure your goals and unifying message are harmonious. Then we advise and act to bring you more targeted traffic resulting in greater conversions.

A big part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) deals with online advertising and marketing. We offer customized options to best guide that valuable conversion target audience to you. Options like display marketing (when you see banners and graphical ads on sites), keyword marketing (the paid results you see in a Google / Bing search result), remarketing (having ads “follow” or remind a client that has been to your site and failed to convert), paid social media ads and post, as well as video ads – all with your refined message to these often new, potential customers. We work with you to get your message distilled to make the greatest impact, both verbally and graphically, on these customers. Impact is key for success because often you only get one chance (outside of remarketing that is). Finally, we use analytics and ad tracking results to consistently improve and grow your ROI (return on investment). This kind of conversion rate optimization is our ultimate goal.

Mobile Marketing uses many of the same tools, which are then designed specifically for mobile advertising. Mobile use and growth increases dramatically each year and this new arm of search marketing is becoming increasingly more important. It could be as simple as taking your search ads and adapting them to the smaller screens or creating fully developed geo-targeted ads. An example of a geo-targeted ad is when someone using a map program drives by your location and receives a discount or a targeted message encouraging them to visit your business. Mobile marketing is powerful and can bring powerful results when used correctly. We work with you to optimize your success.


Social Marketing

“Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” We couldn’t have said it better than this quote taken from Mashable. We believe that it is good idea to maintain and keep up a social media presence for the majority of business we deal with today.


Email Marketing

Content Coming Soon



A Successful web strategy is one that is integrated. In today Techonomy an integrated digital marketing effort requires that all the pieces work together to reach and convert your businesses sales and marketing goal across all available channels and opportunities. The presence and ubiquity of your brand is key as is the components of the brand itself with authority and trust. All these circle like the spokes of a wheel to the hub itself – your master website where you communicate, grow and convert your traffic.

Each partner may have different strengths and weakness as well as ways and formats that best fit their profile. All of it; the website itself, e-commerce aspects, print and traditional marketing, online marketing and content marketing as well as SEO / SEM / PPC / Mobile marketing, Social Networks and analytical evaluations work to create one integrated brand strategy. Working together to help a new product launch, customer retention, lead generation and the brand awareness get the company it conversions as well as the relationships it needs to thrive. After all the name of the game for most companies is the ability to grow and be profitable as well as have an effect.

Combining these elements is crucial to your and our Success. By doing so you maximize your online presence and visibility to the clients that coupled with a good analytics program to continually optimize your efforts is going to lead to higher conversions and growth. Everything and every part in sync is the way to go and for most having a good mix of all aspects is the answer. This is not to say start small and add in parts like paid advertising once you have Success and bring in profitability we all have to do that. Yet to look at the big picture and to project your 10 steps ahead lucrative company will is to have the cause and effect in mind that will bring you that. Almost like the law of attraction by realizing and planning for our Success we began to bring it to us. It is important then to take the time to do your yearly online marketing audits to make sure everything is working in concert. It is important to look at your master destination and make sure the structure, look and feel all lead to trust and authority. Trust and authority are the hot words in content marketing and online marketing in general these days and they remain true. Start with these basic goals with your master site and then add more and more of these other driving aspect to reach that optimized integration that is your true empowered Success.

Integrate and Optimize

To have a Successful web strategy solution today it is essential that you are integrated. Many of our services are part of the whole picture and combining these elements is crucial for your bottomline. Follow the links below to understand more fully what these are and how they / we can serve you.

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We can be involved in marketing projects and ongoing marketing management with you. We’re passionate about working with you with both skill and ease. Our marketing services can include marketing review and planning, working with you to implement marketing activity...

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