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Successful Web Strategy Launched

sucessful-web-strategy-solution-sws-logoBrian Leppla’s Successful Web Strategy | Solution Launched!

April 15th 2015 Beta Launched

Well we are off and running. I released the beta version of our site and business built on WordPress / iThemes Builder for the Framework and Visual Composer for the effects and layout. Just released to friends, current clients and family for review and not as an official release. I did not support it with SEO or and any other types of marketing. Just wanted to get it out there.

July 1st 2015 Official Launch

The site ran into a snag as I realized that using Visual Composer was a mistake. Caused all sorts of SEO issues and frankly seemed to piss off Google a bit. So I went back to my true wordpress development and design skills and left Visual Composer (which is a drag and drop website builder on WordPress that just writes all this dirty code every where) though I am grateful for the experience of having learned it.

Now that the site is totally rebuilt I am using it to market both myself to potential full time employers and to bring in some clients to work directly with. I feel a bit torn because I love working for a company that I believe in and also having a couple clients to work with and keep things fresh. Both are great and grow my skills so I am going to continue with that. Love the personal contact and touch but don’t want to become a studio of full official shop despite how it is presented.

So with that said if you are an employer and you got my resume and made it here please take a look around. All the content is by me directly and it tells you my views and often times experience on different aspect of online marketing. If you got my resume that means I would be excited to interview with you and hope to hear from you.

If you are a partner looking for web design / development or marketing – please get a hold of me. I love working with people and business personally and bringing them the success they are looking for. I am very selective but if you got here it is probably through a friend or a well place search so I would like to hear from you.

Looking forward to meeting you and bringing Success!
– Brian Leppla