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3 months to launch a new product

Question, hot shot. You have 3 months to launch a new product, what would be your game plan?


Get to know and deeply understand the product, what the product solves and who...

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Customizing WordPress .htaccess file redirects

Customizing Wordpress .htaccess file redirects and make them stick.

August 11th 2015

Problem - Stop Wordpress from rewriting our https redirects.

As part of redirecting our clients http site to https we needed to tell...

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Moving a website HTTP to HTTPS with Web Master Tools

Moving a website HTTP to HTTPS with Web Master Tools

July 23rd 2015

As many of you know Google now gives a search engine optimization (SEO) ranking benefit to SSL/Https secured sites. So I...

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Targeting Specific WordPress Post or Page with CSS

Targeting Specific Wordpress Post or Page with CSS.

July 3rd 2015

Just a quick note - maybe help someone out there in the world.

One of our clients wants each header on each page and...

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Understanding Web Pricing – Coming Soon

Understanding Web Pricing

The members of Successful Web Strategy | Solution have all been in the business for a long time now – most of us since the 90’s and the question of how much...

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Successful Web Strategy Launched

Brian Leppla's Successful Web Strategy | Solution Launched!

April 15th 2015 Beta Launched

Well we are off and running. I released the beta version of our site and business built on Wordpress / iThemes Builder...

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Integrate and Optimize

To have a Successful web strategy solution today it is essential that you are integrated. Many of our services are part of the whole picture and combining these elements is crucial for your bottomline. Follow the links below to understand more fully what these are and how they / we can serve you.