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Successful Philosophy | About Us

An integrated online marketing strategy is the leads to Success.

We are a small full service web design and marketing firm with members located internationally and in the United States. We are all partners for the common good of web usability and Success for clients we believe in. We are a bit exclusive in the fact that we tend to take on clients who we feel congruent with in our goal of making the world a better place in general. We believe that Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. We also believe that generosity and the “what you put into it, you get back” or “you reap what you sow” work ethic is universally true. We don’t see you as a check or a number – instead we see the future.

Successful is a new company, founded late in 2014. We are a collective that decided that with our combined experience, educations, gruella, online and traditional marketing gusto that we could and will make a significant effect for both ourselves and our clients. We are hungry, responsive, and nimble. We are ready to make partners of all shapes and sizes triumphant in their goals. We know that if you do well, we do well. This is a cornerstone of our philosophy, so as you can probably guess, we are in it for the long haul. We value every client as more than partners, but as friends. We are genuine, honest, and worthwhile. Contact us and find out what it is like to have a real family helping you to Succeed.

We Believe That:

“If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.”

– Thomas J. Watson

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly. “

– Proverb

Components of SEM & PPC



No matter where you are in your online marketing efforts, our process will begin with a discovery phase. We need to understand where you are currently at in your business, what your customer and targets are, as well as what Success means to you. This will mean sitting down and talking about it. We want to make sure we are a good fit for you and you for us before getting down to the nitty gritty of what we can do as your partner to make your business explode.



We’ve discovered that working together can be amazing, so what comes next is setting our goals and making plans to achieve them. Client input is very valuable at this point and there will be a good amount of back and forth as we try to get as much out of you to make you as Successful as possible. We are going to find out just what elements of a cohesive online strategy are going to work for you. Maybe you are going to be a membership site or university and will have a heavy social network aspect, maybe you are a b2b manufacture and will really focus on technical lead generation – each client will be different, will need different tools. We will map out just exactly what those will be.

We will also plan the business part, which means we will set a budget, know what tools we need to create, and set up the contracts as well as what is expected from both sides. We will do this with love and commitment to both of our Successes. If you already have a web presence, we will ask to get access to your relevant accounts – like your website backend, set us a social media managers and access to your current analytics. If you do have analytics we will want access and a rough idea of your data before the planning phase. This would be a great opportunity to learn some of your historical Successes and challenges. Very useful.

You will have some information Success will want you to bring to this meeting as well. Let us know what your clients are like and, if you don’t know, we will need to begin to build your customer personae as well as consider where they spend their time and money. This means knowing who your competitors are and having some analysis of this. If you don’t have that information, then let’s take the time and get it before we start building.



*Here we will give an example of our process with building a website, however, if we are working with you on something else, please note the process will be similar in essence.

This will start with a sitemap that will give an idea of what is going to be presented on the master site and how the user will flow through. You will need to communicate what you believe are the most important products or elements that you want your customers to find and act upon. Then, based on the site map, we will create a graphical outline or wireframe of what the site’s structure will be. Once this is agreed upon, we will present the actual mockups with color, images, logo and all those design aspects. There will probably be a couple on versions here as we embark on the design dance with your visual taste in mind, as well as what we believe your customer persona would find most appealing. Then with your blessings we will begin to build your site.



The first part of development will be to get the framework up and running with all the different elements playing together to refine and test them before actually applying the look and feel elements. If this is a new site for you, it will be time for you to work with our content team or on your own your own to start generating the textual content for your pages. If you are working on this independently, we would like to keep open communication with you to make sure you are meeting SEO and content marketing needs in your copy. If you are not experienced in this, we will train you before starting.

We will also build the various page templates and layouts here, set up your contact forms, any ecommerce elements and / or specialized custom software. Then we will test the interactions to make sure everyone plays well together and place a couple of mock test orders to make sure your ecommerce aspect are live and talking to their various connections in the world.

Once all is well, we will apply the look and feel we agreed upon in the design phase. You will get a link to your development site so you can input if something should change, or your likes and dislikes, should any arise. We will want you to be available to communicate throughout this process. Finally, we will take the textual content you had been working on and add that to the page.



We clean up any left over issues. We will then do our finally testing – this means you too. Make sure to test in the different browsers as well. Though we should note we support only modern browsers (no Internet Exploder 6+7). Then once we all go through the whole thing, show it to some of our friends, and are satisfied, we will push it onto the live server and back up any former site that was there.



We then hand off the source files and the entire site to you. We will get final documentation and payment and walk you through Google Analytics if you chose that package. We also answer any other questions you may have. For someone who chooses to only have a framework site, this will be as close to goodbye as we get.

There is no final goodbye though – we will always check in on you and always be there for you. No matter your level, we are grateful you worked with us and will always consider you as a partner. If you have decided to keep us on in some capacity, we will be directly supporting you throughout your Successful online experience.



A Successful web strategy is one that is integrated. In today Techonomy an integrated digital marketing effort requires that all the pieces work together to reach and convert your businesses sales and marketing goal across all available channels and opportunities. The presence and ubiquity of your brand is key as is the components of the brand itself with authority and trust. All these circle like the spokes of a wheel to the hub itself – your master website where you communicate, grow and convert your traffic.

Each partner may have different strengths and weakness as well as ways and formats that best fit their profile. All of it; the website itself, e-commerce aspects, print and traditional marketing, online marketing and content marketing as well as SEO / SEM / PPC / Mobile marketing, Social Networks and analytical evaluations work to create one integrated brand strategy. Working together to help a new product launch, customer retention, lead generation and the brand awareness get the company it conversions as well as the relationships it needs to thrive. After all the name of the game for most companies is the ability to grow and be profitable as well as have an effect.

Combining these elements is crucial to your and our Success. By doing so you maximize your online presence and visibility to the clients that coupled with a good analytics program to continually optimize your efforts is going to lead to higher conversions and growth. Everything and every part in sync is the way to go and for most having a good mix of all aspects is the answer. This is not to say start small and add in parts like paid advertising once you have Success and bring in profitability we all have to do that. Yet to look at the big picture and to project your 10 steps ahead lucrative company will is to have the cause and effect in mind that will bring you that. Almost like the law of attraction by realizing and planning for our Success we began to bring it to us. It is important then to take the time to do your yearly online marketing audits to make sure everything is working in concert. It is important to look at your master destination and make sure the structure, look and feel all lead to trust and authority. Trust and authority are the hot words in content marketing and online marketing in general these days and they remain true. Start with these basic goals with your master site and then add more and more of these other driving aspect to reach that optimized integration that is your true empowered Success.

Integrate and Optimize

To have a Successful web strategy solution today it is essential that you are integrated. Many of our services are part of the whole picture and combining these elements is crucial for your bottomline. Follow the links below to understand more fully what these are and how they / we can serve you.